Young Living Diffuser Reviews 2017 – Comparisons & User Guide

I hope you will agree when i say:

The best way to purify, humidify and deodorize the air around you is by using an ultrasonic diffuser.

These devices diffuse essential oils without using heat, creating a beautifully scented, relaxing and therapeutic atmosphere in the safest and most natural way possible.

They are very popular for aromatherapy while also combining the benefits of a humidifier and air purifier into one small aesthetically pleasing device.

One of the most popular ultrasonic diffuser brands on the market today is Young Living.

Here, we’re going to provide you with comprehensive Young Living Diffuser reviews so you can learn all about what they are, how to use them, and all the benefits that can be gained by choosing to use one in your home.Young Living Home Diffuser Reviews

All you need to create a relaxing environment with purified air and therapeutic qualities at home, work, or anywhere else is a Young Living Home Diffuser and your favorite essential oils.

Young Living also has other diffusers available, including the Dewdrop and the Aroma, which we’re going to compare with the Home Diffuser right here.

Young Living Home Diffuser Reviews 2017

The Young Living Home Diffuser is an ultrasonic diffuser, which means that it works as an aromatherapy diffuser, a humidifier, air purifier and atomizer combined into one.

Whether you want to make your room smell great or you want to add moisture to the dry air in a room, this diffuser can take care of it all.

It comes in a beautiful rose-inspired design, making it a great décor piece for the home. The lid is shaped as the petals of a flower, and you can choose from purple, blue and red lids.

With its ambient light control, you can use it in any room to create a soothing spa-like ambiance.

The Young Living Home Diffuser uses specialized ultrasonic technology to break down the water and essential oils in the reservoir, turning them into microparticles that are dispersed into the air around the room.

You can set the diffuser to run continuously or set it to run on intervals of 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off. When the water runs low, it will automatically shut off, so you don’t have to worry about it continuing to run while empty.

The diffuser holds 125 ml of water and can run continuously for up to 5 hours when filled completely. It works effectively in spaces about the size of an average bedroom, which is up to 215 sq. ft. It’s the perfect diffuser for a bedroom, office, yoga studio, or even your kid’s room.

You must use distilled water in this diffuser. Tap water is not ideal for optimum functioning or for air purification. It will wear down the life of the device much faster.


  • Ambient light control
  • Interval settings for mist output
  • Auto shut-off when water is low
  • Beautiful rose design makes it a nice home décor piece

  • Not effective in large rooms
  • Must use distilled water – no tap water

Young Living Home Diffuser vs Aroma Diffuser

The Aromalux Atomizing Diffuser, or Aroma Diffuser, is another popular diffuser from Young Living. It’s got a whole different set of features and aesthetics from the Home Diffuser.

If you’ve been trying to decide between the two, you can learn everything you need to know about Young Living Home Diffuser vs Aroma Diffuser right here.

While the Home Diffuser comes in a feminine rose-style design, the Aromalux comes in a unique geometric design. Its light settings and mist interval settings are highly customizable.

It works effectively for up to 10 hours in very large rooms, up to 700 sq. ft. Like the Home Diffuser, it also has an auto shut-off feature and ambient light control.

Each of these diffusers are great in their own ways – it all depends on your personal requirements. If you’re looking for a beautiful, feminine diffuser with basic settings for an average sized bedroom, then the Young Living Home Diffuser is perfect for you.

If you’re looking for a diffuser with a unique, modern geometric pyramid design and super-customizable features that works effectively in very large spaces, then the Aroma Diffuser is probably the better option for you.

Young Living Home Diffuser vs Dewdrop Diffuser

Aside from the Home Diffuser, the Dewdrop Diffuser is among Young Living’s most popular household diffusers on the market. It is similar to the Home Diffuser, but comes with a few different settings and features. We’ll help you choose the best one for you and your home by telling you everything you need to know about the Young Living Home Diffuser vs Dewdrop Diffuser right here.

Like the Home Diffuser, the Dewdrop Diffuser is an aromatherapy diffuser, a humidifier, air purifier and atomizer combined into one. One of the best added features of the Dewdrop is that it comes with a replaceable ultrasonic plate. However, it only runs continuously – unlike the Home Diffuser, it does not come with interval settings.

The benefits of the Dewdrop Diffuser are that it works effectively in a medium sized room, which is a little bit larger than what the Home Diffuser can cover effectively – 320 sq. ft. vs 215 sq. ft. It also works well with tap water, while the Home Diffuser requires distilled water only.

If you’re trying to choose between the Young Living Home Diffuser and the Dewdrop Diffuser, consider your requirements. While the Dewdrop Diffuser covers a slightly larger space, it doesn’t come with interval settings. However, it does come with a replaceable ultrasonic plate and can run with tap water. If interval settings are very important to you, go for the Home Diffuser.

Young Living Home Diffuser Instructions and Troubleshooting

Filling, operating and cleaning the Young Living Home Diffuser is simple. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know below.

1. How to Fill and Use the Diffuser

To fill the diffuser, simply lift the lid to open the water reservoir. Add room temperature distilled water and fill up to the fill line. It is important that you do not fill the water higher than the fill line, otherwise the diffuser will not run properly. Once you fill the reservoir with water, add 8-12 drops of your favorite essential oil.

Young Living has a great range of essential oils that work best with this diffuser. After you add the oil, simply replace the lid, plug in the diffuser, and press the power button. The diffuser will automatically shut off when it runs low on water.

This diffuser has three different modes that you can choose from. You can cycle through the modes easily by pressing the power button. The indicator light will let you know which mode it’s running on.

Press the power button once for constant diffusion. On this mode, you’ll see a green indicator light. Press the button twice for intermittent 30 second diffusion. On this mode, you’ll see a red indicator light. Press the button a third time to switch the diffuser off.

You can activate the ambient LED light setting by pressing and holding the power button for about two seconds.

2. How to Clean the Diffuser

One of the most common reasons your diffuser might run into trouble operating is if you don’t clean it properly or often enough. It’s essential that you clean it on a regular basis and that you clean it properly. You should clean it after each use to keep it running well.

Cleaning is simple. Once it runs through a cycle, empty out any remaining water. Fill it with clean water halfway to the fill line. Add about 10 drops of white vinegar to the water and turn the diffuser on continuous mode. Let it run for 3-5 minutes, and then drain it completely.

Unplug the diffuser, dip a cotton swab in white vinegar and clean any corners or tight spots to get out any excess oil residue. After this, rinse it with clean water, empty it and dry it with a cloth, cotton balls or cotton swabs. Now it’s ready to be used again.

If you don’t have enough time or energy to clean it thoroughly after each use, you should at least empty any excess water out and wipe it out with a tissue, cotton swab or damp cloth. This is to keep excess oil from building up, which will eventually cause the diffuser to malfunction.


We hope that our Young Living Home Diffuser reviews and comparisons have been helpful for you. Choosing a great ultrasonic diffuser for your home comes with many therapeutic benefits, but you have to know which one to choose to meet your specific requirements.

As you learned here, all diffusers are not created equal. Each comes with its own set of features and special settings, so the best diffuser for one person or room may not be the best choice for another.

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