The Best URPOWER Diffuser for 2018 – A Comprehensive Review

urpower diffuserAn URPOWER diffuser calms and freshens the atmosphere in your house and is carefully designed to ensure that it’s easy to operate.

It uses an ultrasonic technology that requires you to add your favorite essential oil and water for the device to dispense a fine mist (releases tiny particles of water and oil solution into the air).

An URPOWER unit is one of the best products that you will get on the market today as it uses electronic frequencies which vibrate the healthy oil particles to produce the mist instead of using heat.

During this process, the machine breaks down the oil molecules into small particles and sends them into the atmosphere.

Sadly, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of these devices on the market today.

Hence getting the best might be a challenge and thus we have tried to make your work easier with this URPOWER diffuser review.

Top 5 URPOWER Essential Oil Diffusers Reviews 2017

1. URPOWER 400ml – Wood Grain Aromatherapy Diffuser

URPOWER 400ml Wood Grain Aromatherapy DiffuserThis is a uniquely designed device that looks like a vase and features a classic wood grain finish. This beautiful finish is attractive to the eye and adds a zen-style outlook in your bathroom, bedroom, table room or any other place that you might place your device. It is very easy to operate the diffuser; you only need to pour 400 ml of water and 2 to 3 drops of essential oil in your unit and you are good to go.

This unique piece of art is hassle-free and also operates quietly (you may watch a movie, read a book, or even do other things that require grave-silence when operating it). The gadget is made to provide tranquil, modern, sublime, thoughtful, elegant and invigorating environment filled with essential oil.

The other great feature of this device is that it comes with 4 mist control and timer setting – 1H/3H/6H/continuous setting. When you press the button for about 3 seconds, it will either beep once for strong mist or twice for weak mist. The diffuser looks nice and isn’t too heavy, bulky or big. In addition, it has seven different light colors that shine brightly.

Key Features and Highlights
  • An outstanding wood grain finish
  • Features huge water capacity
  • Comes with multifunction timer
  • Boasts of an auto shut off for added safety
  • Features seven different LED lights

  • Large water capacity
  • Beautiful product
  • A lightweight device
  • Quite safe to use

  • No warrant given

2. URPOWER 200ml – Wood Grain Aromatherapy Diffuser

URPOWER 200ml Wood Grain Aromatherapy DiffuserThis aroma device is coated with a special wood grain finish, which makes it look primitive and very natural. With portable and compact design, the cap of the unit is easy to take off; you don’t need to unscrew it with great force even with wet hands. The device is also quite safe (when the water level falls below the minimum level, it switches off immediately). The product produces a fine mist that makes your house smell good.

Another great feature of this product is its seven LED lights. This color rotates every now and then or you may press a button to set a single one. The machine also comes with 4 timer settings as well as an auto shut off feature. The four modes include the 1H/3H/6H/ON/OFF. Auto shut-off turns the machine off when the water level is low to avoid fire outbreak.

Additionally, the machine uses ultrasonic vibrations (2.4MHz) to generate a fine mist without using heat. The mist produced is smokeless. This mist helps you to breath better when you are resting or sleeping. The gadget holds up to 200 ml of water and is quite portable (great for traveling with).

Key Features and Highlights
  • Unique, compact wood grain body design
  • Mist output is adjustable strong or weak
  • Seven colors LED light essential for nightlight
  • Quite during operation and has multifunctional operation
  • Features 4 timer setting
  • An auto shut-off system for added safety

  • Calms and relaxes the environment
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Features beautiful lights

  • Cap is too big

3. URPOWER 130ml – with Adjustable Mist Mode

130ml Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser with Adjustable Mist ModeThe portable essential oil diffuser makes your room more relaxing and calm with its subtle power of essential oil aromatherapy. It is an aromatherapy device that is quiet and safe to use in an office, home, reading area, and bedroom to freshen with its soothing magic of aromatherapy. As opposed to flames or heat, the unit uses sound waves or ultrasonic vibration that changes essential oil and tap water into an amazing scented mist.

To achieve this, you only need to add 130 ml of water and 2 to 3 drops of your preferred essential oil and let the device do the rest. It operates 3 to 4 hours in constant mode, or about 6 hours in a sporadic mode of 30 seconds on/off.

The machine is the ideal for small rooms. It is easy to fill, to empty and clean. It looks nice and it can be put in a living room to add decorations. Its size and weight make it compact and portable. You can reposition it very easily within the room. The mist produced by the diffuser keep you safe from airborne viruses.

Key Features and Highlights
  • Compact wood grain coated design
  • An advanced ultrasonic technology
  • 7 colors LED light changes and are adjustable
  • Suitable for small rooms and offices.
  • Has a one-year warranty and a guarantee of 90 days money back

  • Quite portable
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Last for a long duration

  • Not suitable for large areas

4. URPOWER 500ML – 7 LED Color Changing Lamps and Waterless Auto Shut-off

URPOWER 500ML - 7 LED Color Changing Lamps and Waterless Auto Shut-off URPOWER Aromatherapy is a three-in-one functions device that functions as a night light, an aromatherapy diffuser, and a humidifier. With all these functions, the machine needs to be washed at least once per week. The unit features an advanced ultrasonic technology that leads to vibrations of about frequency of 2.4 million times/second that breaks essential oil and water into very fine micro-particles without the use of heat (heat destroys and alters the properties of these oils). In addition, this feature ensures that the oils are easily absorbed by your body.

With a large tank capacity of 500 ml, the device is able to run for about 10 hours. When there is no water or the time is up, the machine automatically shuts down to ensure that it doesn’t get damaged. The other great feature of this product is that you may press the “mist button” to select the timer from sixty minutes, one-twenty minutes, one-eighty minutes or ON.

The product improves the air quality and averts infection from stale air, allergen, or second hand smoke. This result in many health benefits such as strengthened immune system, improved breathing, relieved stress, and lifted mood. In addition, the machine helps to humidify and purify the air (improve your house air quality).

Key Features and Highlights
  • Uses ultrasonic vibration technology
  • Three in one device: a diffuser, humidifier, and night light
  • Large capacity of 500milliters
  • Auto turn-off system
  • One and half year warranty and a guarantee of 45 days money back

  • Acts as a humidifier
  • Very effective
  • Auto shut off

  • Doesn’t last long

5. URPOWER 100 ML – 2nd Version Essential Oil Diffuser

URPOWER 2nd Version Essential Oil DiffuserURPOWER Diffuser 2nd Generation100ML produces more mist compared to the old version. A great way to add moist to your home, office, or other areas. It is quite during operation and will not disturb you and the entire family while asleep. The diffuser provides you with fresh, clean, calming, and invigorating air to breath. It is an ultrasonic product which is safe and doesn’t harm your essential oils – doesn’t alter their composition.

The machine fights back against harmful, dry air. It a adds moisture to your room to eradicate dryness and aid with your dry sinuses, chapped lips, and chapped skin. Another great feature of this product is its 7 color changing lamps that enable you to choose your favorite color. It also boasts of an auto-shut off feature to protect the unit from getting damaged.

Although the diffuser has a small capacity of 100ml, it still runs up to 6hrs. It is portable, easy to use and maintain.

Key Features and Highlights
  • A 2nd generation URPOWER diffuser
  • Features an ultrasonic diffusing technology
  • Seven color changing LED lights, programmed on and off cycles
  • An auto shut- off system.
  • Small water capacity of 100ml which is convenience

  • Quiet operate – it doesn’t disturb during the night
  • A safe product
  • Multi-functional machine

  • Small water capacity

In Conclusion

The best URPOWER diffuser should have a multifunction timer, LED lights, auto shut-off system, an adjustable mist output, and should be highly portable, and be ultra-quiet when in operation.

Looking at these features URPOWER Oil Diffuser 200ML emerges as one of the best diffusers because it has all mentioned features. This does not mean the other four diffusers are bad.

They also work amazingly.

Of important is to select a product that suits your need and that is within your budget.

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