PureSpa Essential Oil Diffuser Reviews

 PureSpa Essential Oil DiffuserDiffusing essential oils is the healthiest and nicest way to make your home smell sweet.

In addition to making your home a more pleasant area to be, these oils have the ability to open airways, clean the air, and even positively influence your mood.

In order to diffuse the oils effectively, you will require an effective diffuser.

That is a little device that puts these oils into the air.

I often hear people ask about which PureSpa essential oil diffuser is the best.

So in case you are one of them, here is a short review of these gadgets.

PureSpa Essential Oil Diffuser Review for 2017

1. PureSpa Natural – Wood-Grain Accents and Soft Color-Changing Lights

PureSpa Natural Aromatherapy Oil DiffuserThis diffuser holds 6.8 ounces (200 ml) of water in the reservoir. It has the ability to diffuse 100 percent pure essential oil that will run for 10 hours. It comes with a white or black top and a solid faux wood-grain or a faux wood-grain base finish for your aromatherapy session to match your decoration.

The best thing about this device is that you may use it as a nightlight, ionizer, humidifier, and diffuser.

Natural Aromatherapy’s mist covers up to 250 sq. feet and is whisper-quiet so that you may read a book, sleep, or even watch a movie while it’s operating. It features touch buttons that make it easier for you to select your preferred setting.

Another great feature of this product is that it is BPA-free (doesn’t produce toxins). It also boasts of soft color-changing durable LED lights of four colors and automatically goes off when the water tank is dry.

Due to its 4 colors, the light doesn’t stay on a single color, but you may switch it off completely. There are no variable settings for the mist; it is factory set.

However, the device features three modes of operation that is set using a single button. That is, you may opt to use with or without light or turn it off. The top of the machine is curved and it has a thin ring around the center that produces the light.

Key Features and Highlights
  • Diffuses 100% natural essential oils that cover up to 20 sq. feet and last up to 10 hours
  • Helps deodorize air of pet odors, tobacco, and more
  • Elegant faux-wood accents
  • Optional color-changing durable LED lighting
  • Whisper-like ultrasonic operation is ideal for office, spa, nursery, yoga studio, and more

  • Very quiet
  • Multi-functional
  • Contributes to better sleep

  • A bit expensive

Freshens the air and eliminates foul odor from your environment, this diffuser is lovely in a baby’s nursery, home, kid’s room, the spa or salon, the office, yoga studio, or other professional settings.

2. PureSpa Deluxe Ultrasonic – High Capacity Aroma Diffuser

PureSpa Deluxe Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Oil DiffuserOne of the key features to consider when choosing an essential oil diffuser is the capacity. The bigger the capacity the longer it will run. Ideally, the recommended capacity for home and office use is 100 ml.

This is easily realized by the Deluxe Ultrasonic as it boasts of a capacity of 120 ml. This is sufficient to keep it operating for up to 10 hours. What is even amazing is that the device is able to diffuse these oils up to 250 sq. feet to easily reach all the corners of your house.

The other great feature of this product is the color-charging LED lighting. Once you switch on your gadget, the lights will automatically rotate through different mood colors. This improves your relaxing experience and produces a stylish look. You may turn off the lights by a touch of a button without switching off the diffuser.

Although there is a switch on/off button, you don’t need to always get up to ensure that your machine is off as it boasts of an auto shut-off that activates when the tank gets dry.

The functioning of this device is based on an ultrasonic technology. This means that it doesn’t need a heat-based system to diffuse your essential oil – a mechanism that destroys the oils and may result in safety risk.

This system also allows a whisper-quiet diffusion. The other notable feature of this gadget is that it is also an ionizer. It emits negative ions into your room that results in various therapeutic and health benefits such as glowing skin and relieving stress.

Key Features and Highlights
  • Tank capacity of 120 ml that last for up to 10 hours and emits a mist that reaches 20 sq. feet
  • Color-changing LED lights for various moods
  • Uses ultrasonic technology to diffuse essential oil
  • A BPA free product

  • A durable diffuser
  • Relieves headache
  • Easy to clean

  • Not the best tank capacity on the market

The device emits negative ions which are useful for relieving stress and glowing skin; hence it is recommended for people who are often affected by stress.

3. PureSpa Essential Oil Diffuser – With Ionizer and Color-Changing Light

PureSpa Essential Oil DiffuserThis quality diffuser from Pure Enrichment diffuses 100 percent all natural oils that last for up to 7 hours and has a tank capacity of 3.38 ounce (100 ml). The device refreshes and moisturizes air up to 250 sq. feet in your home and is great for relieving nasal congestion, asthma, dry skin, and colds. Additionally, it removes pet odors, stale tobacco smells, and any other awful smell.

The device is grave-quiet when in operation making it suitable for offices, bedrooms, and children’s reading rooms.

The diffuser features LED light that changes color (green, purple, yellow, red, and blue) for forming a soft glow as well as a relaxing environment. It also releases negative ions into the air to ease your stress and lift your mood.

The product also comes with a measuring cup that makes it easy to refill the tank once it runs low. The device easily connects to a 120V power source and comes with an instruction manual and an A/C adapter.

The other amazing feature of this machine is its stylish design that matches with most home decors. It also acts a humidifier when there is no essential oil – it produces a cool mist that is calming and refreshing.

You have the option of using its 3-touch button to turn on the device, turn on the lights, or turn off both the diffuser and the light.

Key Features and Highlights
  • Diffuses 100 percent all-natural essential oils
  • Moisturizes and refreshes the air in house up to 250 sq. feet
  • Helps deodorize air of pet odor, strong tobacco odor, and more
  • Color-changing Led lightings included

  • Relieve stress
  • Alleviate allergies
  • Increases concentration

  • Condensed water may drip back into the tank thus producing a dripping sound

The calm whisper-quiet operation is perfect for a baby’s nursery, office use, home use, spa use, and all other places that you may want to use it.

In Conclusion

The PureSpa Essential Oil Diffusers are standard products with amazing features. They function well and their design is amazing.

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