Doterra Oil Diffuser Reviews for 2017 – Full Buyer’s Guide and Details

Doterra Oil Diffuser ReviewsSo you have heard about the amazing wellness and health benefits that essential oils bring into your life.


You have signed up as wellness activist with doTERRA, you are buying essential oils on a frequent basis and use them regularly.


Or perhaps you are just purchasing oils occasionally when your favorites run out.

That is ok too!

“But what about a diffuser?”

A diffuser is typically a bigger investment than oils, and you should know that lots of diffusers don’t cut the mustard.

You should look for a device that stands the test of time, not break your bank, and above all, fill your house with amazing aromatics.

This article is all about doTERRA diffuser reviews to assist you to reach an informed decision about the best doTERRA diffuser for your needs.

Doterra Oil Diffuser Reviews 2017

1. doTERRA Petal Diffuser

doTERRA Petal DiffuserThis is a small, user-friendly device that provides health-enhancing benefits to your home and family. It has a soft white ambient light and relaxing mist, making it perfect for an overnight diffusion.

The device has 3 timed settings, 1, 2, and 4 hours, that allows you to personalize the release of oils into the environment. This amazing product is light, easy to use, and stable, making it perfect for the office and home use.

In addition, it permeates an ultra-thin, yet noticeable mist output into space, releasing the therapeutic and aromatic benefits of the firm’s cptg essential oil safely and quickly.

This, quite affordable and high-quality product is perfect for both experienced and novice essential oil users who desire an easy-to-use and reliable oil machine. It boasts of an excellent build quality with a simple 2-piece design that is enhanced by the fact that the top may be put on the bottom piece in all directions.

The material feels sturdy and strong, and you should expect the device to stand the test of time – quite durable. The device comes with an instruction manual that stands out as well. It provides straightforward and simple instructions and includes images of the gadget from the top, sides, and base, so that you may know how to assemble it – it doesn’t matter which language you use.

The diffuser is able to diffuse mist that reaches all the corners of your house up to 8-foot – would be great for a conference table. What is even amazing is that it takes just over 30 seconds to reach that distance. This is way less than what some brands take to reach the same distance. It is that effective in permeating your room quickly.

In addition, the aroma is quite noticeable for almost 30 minutes after the machine is turned off and the oil are noticeable for over 60 minutes after the gadget has gone off.

The other great feature of this device is its light. It produces a pleasant, soft white light and produces notably more light than other diffusers. Sadly, this product is limited to only this kind of light, as opposed to other diffusers that have different options. This essential oil diffuser is pretty quite as well. The device produces about 46 decibels of noise in a room that has about 41 decibels.

The operation of the device is quite simple. It features 2 buttons on the front side, one for turning it on and off and the other for the light. One amazing, yet safety feature, that comes with this diffuser is that you cannot turn it on if it doesn’t have water (a great safety feature).

Another feature that you should note is that the gadget defaults to a two-hour timer, and when you press the button again, then it cycles through the one and four-hour settings before going off again.

Key Benefits and Highlights
  • Produces substantial mist output that helps to humidify and purify the air, ultra-fine mist that reaches up to 330 sq. feet
  • Optional Led light
  • 1, 2, and 4-hour diffuser settings
  • Light and stable for the many rooms in your house
  • Simple, three-piece diffuser is convenient and easy to use

  • A simple and reliable device – you will not have a problem with this product.
  • Pretty quiet – although it has a small tinkling sound.
  • The mist reaches great distance – 330 sq. feet, this is greater than most ultrasonic diffusers.

  • Although the LED light has an off switch, it still produces a noticeable light behind the on button that may be annoying when not required.

Without a doubt, doTERRA Petal is a good choice for essential oil novices. It is a high-quality product.

2. doTERRA Aroma Lite Diffuser

doTERRA Aroma Lite Diffuser The designers at doTERRA set out to produce one of the longest running and portable device that provides continues mist without using much oil. The outcome was this product – Arom Lite.

The product provides much-needed therapeutic benefits such as relieving headache (you don’t need a tablet when you have this diffuser). Just put 2 to 3 drops of your favorite essential oil into the diffuser, and it will produce a micro-mist to form a relaxing and pleasant scent for relieving your pain for hours.

The product also comes with an amazing LED light that will enable you to see the gadget even during the night. The best thing is that you have the choice to keep the light blinking or just keep it steady.

The machine boasts of an attractive design that makes it an amazing art piece for your house, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, spa, or any matching décor. The gadget operates using the energy of high-frequency vacillations to form a mist that lasts for up to 8 hours or for the set duration.

The product works silently when atomizing the oils to form a steady spread of mist around the house. This diffuser is a compact and powerful device. The compact design ensures that it fits into your bag and satchel for you to take along with when you are traveling. It measures just 8” by 12” and weigh only one pound – perfect for hotels.

The unit’s cable connects to an ordinary 120 V wall power source and not with a 240 V wall power source (quite safe when connecting). In addition, the diffuser works only when the light is on; in a low or high setting. This means that it goes off when you switch off the light.

The other notable feature of this device is the auto-shut off ability. This ensures that you will not fear to fall asleep when enjoying the amazing fragrances of your favorite essential oil. It goes off when the water level gets low. The product also has an additional feature of a night-time light that is amazing in your kid’s room.

The other feature about this machine is that it not only produces aromatic and healing fragrances but also moisturizes the environment to aid cure dry skin, sinusitis, allergy symptoms, and for shiny and healthy hair. It is thus a key unit for dry weather and in dry homes with heating system on during winter.

It also purifies the air you breathe by eliminating germs, viruses, and microbes. The machine also comes with different mist settings that make your house smell great and become comfortable. You have the freedom to choose from 4 mist settings.

Key Benefits and Highlights
  • Offers aromatic benefits of essential oils
  • Designed to be compact and small for taking around when traveling.
  • Emits essential oils via high-frequency vacillation for up to 8 hours (depends on the setting)
  • Features 4 mist output settings as well as an optional night light

  • Doesn’t need lots of special care – this product will last you long even if you don’t take special care, not like some cheap diffusers.
  • Different light settings – you may change the light depending on your mood or occasion.
  • Very easy to use – you don’t need to disassemble and reassemble when filling in water and essential oil.

  • A short warranty – although the product lasts long, its warranty only run for 6 months, beyond this, you will not have your product repaired or changed for free.

The device is suitable for therapeutic use as it helps to relieve different forms of pains such as a headache. In addition, it is suitable for use at home, office, spa, reading rooms, and more.

3. doTERRA Lotus Essential Oil Diffuser

Lotus Essential Oil DiffuserLotus is an essential oil diffuser and ultrasonic humidifier. This means that it uses ultrasonic frequencies technology to emit mist in your house. This technology enables the essential oil and water molecules to vaporize around your house.

The gadget feature LED-lights and a self-controlled timer that emits mist in intervals. These features come in handy whenever you wish to enjoy a therapeutic session. The device also boasts of a beautiful design that resembles a lotus petal.

The unit runs for three hours without the need of refilling the tank.

The product features an enhanced functionality to enable real-time atomization. This is an innovative technology that effectively spread oils into space. In this unit, you will realize that your oil gets atomized with water into small ion particles.

In addition, the gadget emits active oxygen ions which are easily absorbed by your body. Once the mist has blended with the air, the gadget switches on a timer to set the environment at the idea tone according to every pre-set program. Through this, you will enjoy a more calming effect.

The gadget is perfect for your yoga studio, household, store, office, or health spa. It is also good for all other places where you would wish to relax and enjoy the healing power of your favorite essential oils. Furthermore, its’ stylish design suits any décor, be it in your office or home.

The device has a smoothly sliding front part that holds a small water reservoir. Getting things ready for your healing session is easy. You only need to fill the tank with water and add 2 to 3 drops of your preferred oil. The device will agitate the water using its effective ultrasonic mechanism at ultra-high speed.

doTERRA Lotus is a redesigned model. The firm took into account the customer reviews on the earlier models to come up with a great product. Due to its blissful and latest design, the product is destined to inspire people with its extraordinary and premium look. It is one of the best quality diffusers on the market today.

Furthermore, the product uses natural oils which are easily digested by the body. This product also features a removable power adaptor, beautiful blue lighting, and timer.

The other great thing about this product is that it may be used without essential oil to act as a humidifier. The product is also quiet when operating and thus ideal for use when you have headaches.

Moreover, it is a good diffuser for enhancing your child’s sleep. It also features an auto-shut ability that switches it off whenever the tank gets dry (this is a great safety feature as it will not burn the house when the water is used up).

In addition, for better cleaning experience, the machine package comes with a cleaning brush. Using this brush and a small amount of alcohol or vinegar, you will get a thoroughly clean device within seconds.

For even better cleaning, mix the alcohol or vinegar with water, fill it in the reservoir and let the gadget run to about 20 minutes. Simply rinse the machine in clean water and it will be ready to go.

Key Benefits and Highlights
  • Features a highly effective real-time atomizing tech to effectively diffuse oils into the air
  • The oils are atomized into small ion particles as well as active oxygen anions for better absorption

  • Ultrasonic technology – this enables most beneficial and natural digestion of the oil particles.
  • A convenient product – easy to use, clean, and fill the diffuser.
  • Self-controlled timer – you don’t need to waste your time setting the time.

  • Frequent refill – has a small capacity (runs for only 3 hours)

The diffuser is suitable for individual suffering from different respiratory issues (running nose, lung and throat infection) and headache.

In Conclusion

After a tiring day on the job, we all need to dive into a relaxing atmosphere, don’t we? Allowing yourself to rejuvenate isn’t just about sleeping for the next day.

It’s about your general well-being and health. Healing your soul and body is about small things such as eating well and enjoying a relaxing environment.

Aromatherapy is the simplest and the best way to relieve stress and improve your well-being. The above doTERRA diffusers offer an enjoyable and easy way to swim in a peaceful environment.

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