Best Essential Oil Brands 2018 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Best Essential Oil BrandsIf you are like me, maybe you have been asking yourself:

Which are the best essential oil brands?”

“Who should I buy from?”

And why should I buy from one brand and not the other?

I think these are critical questions that we all want to be answered!

After all, there are variations in standards of production, quality, price, company culture, and availability of these products.

Therefore, it’s important to understand what features sets apart one firm from the other, and which one has the perfect essential oil to buy from.

I conducted a little research and came up with these five brands:

Top 5 Best Essential Oil Brands Reviews 2017

1. Edens Garden Essential Oils

Edens Garden Essential OilsEdens is among the most popular essential oil brands one the market today as they control the quality and freshness of their goods by rotating the products simultaneously every fourteen-days. The firm was launched in the year 2009 and set its base in San Clemente, California.

The firm doesn’t compromise on the quality of their products and the oils are carefully stored at a specific temperature with control light to ensure that the therapeutic properties of the products are maintained.

The firm’s oils are 100 percent pure and don’t contain additional additives, fillers, or bases. Additionally, these products come packaged in ocher glass bottles, which make sure that light doesn’t interfere with the oils’ individual properties and integrity.

The firm also provides certified and uncertified organic oils in their product line – if organic is your thing, you are 100 percent taken care off.

Product and Price Range

Edens Garden has a wide range of product to offer when it comes to their product ad essential oils collection. They offer a variety of carrier oils, gift packs, and essentials oils that have lots of bonuses and discounts that go along with every purchase.

I really love the gifts sets because they provide such an elite value, plus they look so pretty when they hit your gift set box.

The other thing I like about this firm is the approachability of their oils. With about $50, you will get their amazing “Best of the Best Set” in various online stores. That is a really good-looking “medicine cupboard” kit that will not break your account.

Other Users’ Experiences

What are other people saying about this brand?


  • Many users love the fact that the firm has a wide collection of over 150 essential oils that enables them to offer lots of bonuses, deals, and discounts one every product.
  • Other users love that the firm provides 100 percent therapeutic-grade oils without using pesticides, herbicides, or any other harmful product.
  • The majority of these product users argue that their products are quite affordable.


  • One person argued that he was really disappointed by this firm as he didn’t receive his order on time.

Remember that if you are not satisfied with Edens’ products, you have a 4 weeks no-questions-asked, 100% refund policy offered for you.

2. Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living Essential OilsYoung boasts of over 2 decades of existence and it was established in 1993. This essential oils firm honors their obligations and guarantees their wide range of therapeutic-grade products. In addition, Young Living exercise lots of quality control from the seed they plant to cultivating, harvesting, as well as distilling.

They maintain caution, ethical, and care guidelines in every step from seed germination, raising, and harvesting the mature plants at just the perfect stage of growth. This ensures that you get quality essential oil that is perfect for you.

What I found to be quite cool is that the firm uses a gentle, proprietary vapor extraction method for distilling their products. Additionally, they employ cold pressing as well as resin taping techniques to select oils.

Product and Price Range

This essential oils firm provides some of the best oils on the market today such as essential oils singles, roll-ons, essential oil blends, massage oils, diffusers and tools, collections, dietary essential oils, and accessories.

These oils are the base of everything they do at this firm and are at the core of their mission to change your life for the better. They are 100 percent pure products backed by their seed to seal promise.

These oils are easily available on different online platforms, but they are one of the most expensive products you will find. Is their production ethics, quality standards etc, worth your money? You decide.

Other Users’ Experiences

Let’s find out what other consumers are saying about Young’s products:


  • People love the fact that this firm is aware of their oil processing techniques and don’t rebottle their oils.
  • Other people love that they have been in business for over 20 years and almost the pioneers of essential oils in the world.
  • Some users love that they have a wide range of essential oils collection with 78 blends and 86 singles.
  • Other people love the brown bottles they use to pack their products.


  • Their price is the main let down – many people cannot afford them.
  • The firm often runs out of stock. They sell about 30 percent of their stock and the rest is used as organic elements on crops.

The firm provides an effective customer service through the website which includes e-mail address, live chats, and toll-free numbers.

3. Art Natural Essential Oils

Art Natural Essential OilsThis is a local firm in the Los Angeles state and continually aims to enhance the oils they produce arguing that they offer organic and quality natural products. The firm provides a full element list on their products’ label which makes it easy for you to choose a specific product.

They keep their pledge to offer you a 100 percent fund back guarantee to assure you total satisfaction of their products.

The firm is responsible for producing different products that aid to treat different issues, but with no harsh or intense chemicals that are regularly found in bargain or value brand products.

The firm is also dedicated to finding innovative and new ways to produce organic beauty and health recipes. With endless research, the firm is able to provide safe for all age, fresh, both gender, and untested on animal products.

Product and Price Range

The firm provides a wide range of products that varies from skincare to bath and body products, and even oils to hair products. These products are specifically desired to provide you with a whole body treatment that ensures you always look amazing.

Also, these essential oils are 100 percent organic products.

You don’t need to break your wallet to get these products.

Other Users’ Experiences

Let’s look at the likes and dislikes of this firm.


  • Many users argue that they love that they have the freedom to add the oils to their bath for their personal spa experience.
  • Other love that it is possible to use the oils in a diffuser necklace.
  • The firm offers a set of 8 oils which are specially packaged for gift-giving.
  • Other people love the blend of rosemary and lemongrass which is quite wonderful.
  • The products are also quite affordable.


  • One user argues that the oils are diluted and only fragrance.
  • Another person argued that his order leaked during shipment.

All in all, this is a wonderful firm that offers great customer services and money back guarantee. They believe in their products. Will you?

4. Rocky Mountains Oils

Rocky Mountains OilsRocky Mountains products are obtained from a few farms worldwide. A small number of farms ensure that the company is able to control and maintain the desired quality.

All of their products are graded 100 percent pure therapeutic to ensure that you get quality products. The firm also provides oils in 75 blends and 100 singles for your different needs. These products are suitable for use in offices, homes, massage therapist, spas, and everywhere you want to use them, in diffusers or alone.

The firm was launched in 2004, and it’s based in Orem, Utah. It was established by a group of health professional who are determined to develop quality oils that are safe and pure for use. The firm operates with a wide range of purity standards and quality testing firms to ensure their products are safe.

For instance, they send their products to a 3rd party purity/quality testing lab, and they publically post the test results of the exact bottle/batch that you purchased.

Product and Price Range

The firm provides a wide range of expertly crafted blends, supplements, and pure essential oils at a value-rich price. Together with their high-quality assurance and approachable price point, these products have become some of the best products on the market today.

The firm also continues to expand its products with new oils, purposely-built products, and other supplements to satisfy your needs.

Other Users’ Experiences

Different users have come up with the following arguments:


  • Users love that these oils are made from material obtained from a small number of farms.
  • Other people love their 3 months guarantee on products with 100 percent refund if you aren’t satisfied.
  • Other users love that diffusers come with a one-year limited warranty.
  • They also provide a large selection of quality essential products that include over 75 blends and 100 singles.


  • One person argued that he received his product long after he had made the payment.

The firm provides 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on its products through vigorous testing and offer superb customer care.

5. Plant Therapy Essential Oils

Plant Therapy Essential OilsThis farm was established in 2011 with the aim of providing affordable and quality essential products. It adheres to the principle that all the power rests in the essential oils. This small family-owned firm provides 100 percent pure, undiluted oils that are of the best-quality products.

The company is able to source the oils form top distributors around the globe to guarantee its clients a 100 percent customer satisfaction. Their products are also tested by a 3rd party lab using MS/GC testing, as well as their in-house professionals.

In addition, every bottle you buy from this firm, it will have a specific batch number, showing the exact batch of your bottle. This info is directly linked to the lab-testing results for every batch of oil.

These results are accessible by the public – you only need to visit their page and view the Test Reports.

Product and Price Range

Plant Therapy firm provides a wide range of unique brands, refreshing, and amazing oils. They sell these products at a friendly-price.

Other Users’ Experiences

In general, other users have experienced the following pros and cons:


  • One of the major benefits that people seem to enjoy is the rebottling options where you return your bottle for refilling.
  • Other users argue that they enjoy greater customer service and free shipping.
  • Other people love the fact that they offer aromatherapy assistance.


  • The firm doesn’t produce its own products since it doesn’t have its own farms.

If you have any query, the company provides a responsible team that will handle all your issues.

In Conclusion

As you have seen, the choice for the best essential oil brands might be a hard one. There are so many firms on the market today; it might be hard to sift via the duds to get the perfect ones.

However, they key is to take one step at a time and listen to what the firms are offering. You should also ensure that you read their labels, and your product should read 100 percent pure and not with jojoba/almond or blended as this will mean that your product has been diluted.

In addition, consider the following factors when buying your products:

  • The firm should be on the small size, not a big firm.
  • The firm should be owned by an essential oil specialist or aromatherapy.
  • The firm should provide test results to the public.
  • The firm should have relations with their distillers.
  • The firm should be reputable.


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