Best Car Oil Diffuser Reviews for 2017 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

best car diffuserEssential oil diffusers are one of the best inventions when talking about creating an aromatic and healthy environment both at home and while on the go.

Due to the presence of dangerous chemicals in air (especially when traveling) and a possibility of inhaling them and getting sick with flu, these devices are designed to improve immunity and eliminate airborne pathogens.

As there are hundreds of these gadgets available, getting only the best car diffuser might be a challenge.

Luckily, this doesn’t need to be the case anymore as we have reviewed the best gadgets on the market today.

The Best Car Diffuser Review for 2017

1. ZAQ Tour Essential Oil Lite – Mist Aromatherapy Diffuser

ZAQ Tour Essential Oil LiteZAQ Tour is a travel-friendly essential oil diffuser for cars that fits perfectly in different cars’ cup holders. It boasts of an ultrasonic tech that transforms the interior of your vehicle, or even your living room, your kitchen, or your reading room, into a tranquil room. The device also features an exclusive design that prevents falling while your car is moving and comes with a car adapter that ensures that you always use the diffuser while on the go.

Additionally, the gadget features a wall plug that enables you to connect to different power sources. However, the diffuser might run out of the water faster when you use it in other areas instead of your car. The device works effectively to ensure that you don’t get a dull moment while you are in your vehicle or home. Due to its versatility, this diffuser is often recommended as a gift – you may use it in offices, homes, cars, and other places.

My wife purchased this diffuser for her car and now it smells like a spa (I really love the smell). We have been waiting for a manufacturer to make a product that uses pure water and not those devices in the 12 volts. We own 3 other ZAQ brands in our home, the bamboo litemist in our bedroom, the ZAQ mid-sized II that uses AC or batteries, and the galaxy in our living room. But they cannot be compared to this piece of art.

My wife loves that it fits perfectly in her car’s cup holder and emits essential oils with water. It also lights up a stunning blue led when she switches the power on. When you press it the first time, it gets to a low setting and then a high setting when you press it the second time. When you press it a third time, it gets off. Additionally, it turns off when you switch your vehicle off and you will need to turn on again.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Holds 60 ml of water for longer use
  • Mid-size diffuser which is perfect for your car
  • LiteMist aromatherapy technology silently emits essential oils into your car
  • A PBA free device and made of safe and healthy friendly elements
  • Consumes 8 W Voltage or 12V DC
  • Automatic shut-off after 4 hours

  • Fits well in the cup holder
  • A beautiful device
  • Comes with an 110v power cord

  • A bit expensive

2. InnoGear USB – Car Essential Oil Diffuser

InnoGear USB Car Essential Oil Diffuser Air RefresherInnoGear is effective in car essential oil diffuser is a 100 percent BPA free product. It is the best way to maintain moisture, odor free and fresh environment in your vehicle. Being an USB powered diffuser, it is easy to connect to your car and even carry it to another place that you want such as an office. The machine boasts of 2 working mode: the continuous mist emission mode and the set 3 hours working mode. In addition, you may set your device to emit essential oil after every 30 seconds (this will ensure that the diffuser runs for 6 hours).

The device also boasts of amazing mood light that relieves tiredness while you are behind the staring wheel. The best thing about this diffuser is that you have the freedom of using it without switching on the light. In addition, the machine automatically goes off when the water gets below the recommended line to ensure that the device doesn’t get damaged (to last longer). The gadget also comes with a reasonable tank that holds enough water to last you longer. However, the diffuser doesn’t come with oil – not included in the package.

I love, love, love this compact diffuser. It was precisely what I was searching for to fix in my vehicle. Its cord plugged at the back of the device as opposed to under it – this is great for ensuring that it rests well on my car. The other thing I like about this diffuser is that it is very easy to take off the top and then refill it, no turning or twisting. It is also very small (about the size of a soda can) and fits well in my car’s cup hold.

However, you shouldn’t be fooled by its size because it’s a powerful machine. It runs for 3 good hours without the need of changing water. In my case, I set it to emit fragrance after every 30 seconds (thus it last for 6 hours). The other thing I love about this device is its button which is placed on the top (make it easy to press).

Key Benefits and Features

  • Feature a car cup holder and USB port design for easier plug
  • Boats of 2 mist mode and great switch buttons
  • Intelligent auto off and BPB free
  • 7 color changing LED light

  • Variety of colors
  • Very compact
  • An affordable device

  • Doesn’t come with essential oil

3. InnoGear 70ml – USB Essential Oil Diffuser

InnoGear 70ml - USB Essential Oil DiffuserIf you are out there searching for one of the best car diffusers, the InnoGear 70ml might be just the perfect choice for you. This powerful and yet miniature gadget is perfect for individuals that spend a huge chunk of their time on the go, traveling, due to business and personal reasons. Its solid design with USB port easily makes it ideal for use in a car, gym, office, hotel room, or bathroom (use it the way you want).

This essential oil vehicle diffuser boasts of a 70 ml tank, which is easy to refill with pure water for humidification of the air or even with essential oil mixed water for setting the aromatic ambiance in your vehicle for smooth and relaxed riding experience. When full, this tank runs for 4 to 8 hours depending on how you set your diffuser. The gadget works on the principle of ultrasonic tech which is run through the available buttons. The first press leads to continuous mist diffusion mode while the second press leads to intermittent mist mode with thirty-second off/on intervals.

As one of the best diffusers on the market today, this device offers a 7 color LED light which is ideal for forming visually relaxing and intriguing sceneries. The other feature which is worth noting is the super auto-off mode that turns off the gadget when the level of water gets below the set level. This feature enables you to sleep well without worrying about the probable accidents.

I finally got the chance to review the InnoGear 70 ml after my friend had it for about a month. He said that the original did not work as he expected but don’t get pissed off. He contacted the manufacturer and it was replaced within 2 days. The customer service is one of the best in this industry. The machine has been working effectively for all that time and he hasn’t noted any more issues.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Upgraded better output for more visible mist
  • USB port and a solid design for use in different places
  • 2 mist mode setting
  • 7 different color LED light to choose from
  • A lightweight device that weighs about 0.3 ounces

  • Compact dimension that fits in different cars
  • A lightweight product
  • Features an auto shut-off safety feature

  • Doesn’t come with an adapter

4. Arospa Electric Car – Essential Oil Diffuser/Purifier/Humidifier

Arospa Electric Car/Indoor Essential Oil DiffuserArospa Electric is a bottle shaped car diffuser that fits well into your car cup holder and serves three main purposes: diffuser, purifier, and humidifier. The product makes your car feel like your house as it acts like a humidifier. You only need to choose your preferred essential oil fragrance to engage your mood during the journey. The best thing about this diffuser is that you may also use it in your living room, dining room, bathroom, and office.

Its simplicity offers simple functions through setting the mist emission level activating a 20s interval or from low to high. The gadget emits mists using the ultrasonic tech by harvesting power of ultrasonic shaking with only 2 simple ingredients: essential oil and water. You are guaranteed to enjoy a spectacular aroma whenever you go. The unit comes with 2 power cord that fits well for 12V vehicle adapter as well as ordinary house plug in adapter.

The unit is also universal and fits all types of vehicles and doesn’t use toxic elements. It is also made of rust free material to ensure that it lasts for long. It is really a good compact car device. It is quite powerful for its size and its reservoir last for a long duration. Its cord placement is in a great location (back middle) that ensures you don’t get a hard time using your device. Additionally, the unit features a clear fill line that indicators the recommended level of water and essential oil.

My sister says that she loves the intermittent feature of this device because it smells really great even in low setting. In addition, the smell diffused to the furthest corner of the car or house (perfect forever spacious areas). Due to this feature, ensure that you don’t put in lots of oil. My sister has never been happy with an essential oil diffuser before but with this one, she doesn’t complain.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Comes with two power cord for 12V vehicle adapter as well as standard home plugin adapter
  • Boasts of 2 functions for 20 seconds on/off interval and low/high mist level setting
  • Uses non-toxic elements with use of anti-rust material and essential oil
  • Automatic shut off tech and long lasting fragrance for hours

  • Easy to set up and clean
  • Produces great fragrance
  • Uses essential oil and water only

  • Quite expensive

5. Navy Penguin – USB Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Navy Penguin - USB Aromatherapy Essential Oil DiffuserUSB Aromatherapy is a 70ml car diffuser that features ultrasonic cool mist fragrance and humidifies your air. The unit features a diameter of about 3 inches by 5.1 inches and weighs about 6 ounces when the adapter isn’t connected. It also comes with a power output of 5V 1000mA and has a power cord that measures about 59 inches to ensure that it doesn’t give you trouble when connecting it.

The other great feature of this unit is that its power efficient and used only 4W. You also have the freedom to set your device to half an hour, one hour, one and half hours or two hours continuous mode. The device has the ability to last this long due to its huge reservoir capacity of 2.3 oz maximum and 2 oz optimum. Additionally, the product boasts of 7 LED light bulbs that ensure you set your preferred color depending on your mood. You will never get bored when inside your car.

The machine is made of plastic material and boasts of ultrasonic vibration of 3.0MHz to give you the best results. When you purchase this product, you are guaranteed of receiving a USB cable, a Navy Penguin USB oil diffuser, and an operation manual to guide you through. The other thing which is amazing about this product is that the manufacturer is quite friendly. They advise the buyer to contact them directly in case you run into any problem. They actually take full responsibility and ownership for the quality of their products.

Different users have different views about this unit but the one that stands out is that of one user who argued that she doesn’t like to buy stuff online (she is always careful when selecting online products). However, she confesses that this is one of the best units she has ever bought online and she has no regret or complaints about this buy.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Features an USB powered silent ultrasonic operation as well as a space-saving compact design
  • Boasts of an advanced ultrasonic diffusion tech
  • Suitable for home, baby room, gym, office, bathroom, and car
  • Comes with 7 colors changing LED for cool mist results
  • Has an amazing feature of waterless auto shut-off

  • Very safe to use due to auto shut-off feature
  • A lightweight unit
  • An affordable product

  • Not quite effective

In Conclusion

In today’s world, there are hundreds of diffusers from which you may choose. We don’t want you to feel overwhelmed and confused trying to decide which diffuser will fulfill your needs. Therefore, we have looked at the best diffusers to give you a hassle-free buying experience by looking at what their key features.

Hence, if you are out there searching for the best car diffuser, the InnoGear 70ml might be just the perfect choice for you. This is a powerful and yet miniature gadget which is perfect for individuals that spend a huge chunk of their time on the go, traveling, due to business and personal reasons.

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