Zen Breeze Ultrasonic Cool Mist Diffuser Review

Zen Breeze, Essential Oil Diffuser, 2017 Model Aroma HumidifierEssential oil diffusers have become popular small appliances for homeowners who appreciate the benefits of aromatherapy.

Every essential oil has different benefits and the best way to get those is to diffuse the oils throughout your home or office.

The Zen Breeze Essential Oil Diffuser is one of the most beautiful and effective diffusers on today’s market.

With its flawless natural wood finish and organic rounded shape, it provides all-day fragrance with no sound at all.

Long Lasting Diffuser

The best benefit of the Zen Breeze 2017 model is the length of time that it works.

If you fill the reservoir, which holds 300ML of water, you can enjoy up to 10 hours of fragrance and humidity.Depending on how you set the timer, you can enjoy the cool mist all day long or just for a few hours.

The ultrasonic technology only gives off a cool mist to help keep the air moisturized to relieve the sinuses and dry skin.

Beautiful Design and Functionality

The beautiful wood-grain design fits in any room of the house or in any type of office. It is better to use than any candle or air freshener, simply because it only releases water vapor infused with beneficial essential oils.

This quiet and powerful machine can help relieve symptoms from common colds and unwanted flu bugs. It can also help relieve sinus pressure. The fragrances and the cool mist help people fall asleep.

You can fill it with therapeutic essential oils that help with relaxation, focus, energy, stress-relief, or whatever you need in your life. The diffuser also releases negative ions that help with improving moods.

Along with the beautiful shape, the Zen Breeze changes colors. It has 14 different colors that change as the appliance delivers the fragrant mist. The LED light glows in the dark, so it is perfect night light that is safe to use.

To add to this beautiful design, the Zen Breeze does not contain any BPA making it completely toxin-free.

This essential oil diffuser will take care of unwanted smells. It will cover smells from smoking or from pets. It also is helps to mask smells in nurseries and child care centers.

Add one to your RV or your dorm, since the machine does not rely on flames to create fragrance. It can also provide a nice amount of light if you need an alternative to overhead lamps.


The Zen Breeze is small, but mighty. It weighs 1.5 pounds, making it easy to move around your home or office. It is also small enough to pack to take as you travel. It measures approximately 6.7-inches tall x 5.1-inches wide. It is made of BPA-free plastic that looks like hardwood. It does not use batteries and relies on an AC plug.

The ultrasonic technology functions at a rate of 2.4MHZ. The power is AC 100-240V. The tank holds 300ML of water with a few drops of your choice of essential oils.

Users can turn off the lights, choose one favorite to have on, or run through all 14 as the diffuser works.

It comes with a 5.5-foot power cord.


Zen Breeze Humidifier with Ultrasonic Aromatherapy ReviewThe majority of users absolutely love the Zen Breeze diffuser. It truly lives up to its calming name. They love that it lights up at the top and around the perimeter.

They also love that they can choose to have it scroll through 14 different colors and that they can choose just one. This allows them to create an atmosphere that fits with the oils they choose.

For example, when using energizing oil like peppermint, they can have the diffuser scroll through the colors. But, with calming oil like lavender, they can pick one soothing color. They can also choose not to turn the lights on at all.

Another popular feature on this diffuser is the large tank. Most diffusers have small tanks that are 100ML. With a larger tank, you can enjoy the mist and the aroma for longer periods of time.

It also means that you have to spend less time refilling the reservoir and counting out the drops of oil. Along with the larger tank, users appreciate that they can set the timer.

So, if the do not want 10 hours of aroma, they can choose the three-hour session or one of the others. Most diffusers only have one setting and then the machines turn off when the reservoir is emptied.

Along with the choice of time for diffusing, users also love that they can select a high or low mist. This gives them the option to add more negative ions to their homes or offices or to simply appreciate the fragrance with less moisture in the air.

Just only one small problem that occasionally occurs with this diffuser has to do with leakage. It is recommended that this diffuser (and any other diffuser) be put on something that is moisture resistant.

Any time that you use a product that relies on water, there is a chance that some of that water could leak. Since the lid does not securely lock onto the base, there is a chance that water could get out.

The best thing to do with this diffuser or any other is to put on a water-safe base, like a beautiful glass or ceramic trivet or even something made of stone that can safely soak up the water. It is never a good idea to place a diffuser on a beautiful wooden table top.

Overall, this is a highly recommended essential oil diffuser. It is absolutely loved with the woodgrain finish and the variety of colorful lights.

The diffuser works for long periods of time and has all of the functions that make it easy to use. The large reservoir and the timers make it a perfect choice for using at night. There are plenty of other essential oil diffusers on the market today, but none of them are as quiet, beautiful, and effective as the Zen Breeze.

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